Custom work

Woodchuck makes it all custom. The way you want it. From dining room tables to cabines to kitchens. We create according to your wishes, so it fits in perfectly with you.


Do you want a different view in your interior, or do you miss the right ambiance in your home or business? We’d love to help you with creating the perfect atmosphere for you.


A concept is at the basis,  from which the eventual design will develop. We think of concepts in all fields. We don’t just shape interiors, but can also help you with building of a corporate image or the design of a product.


Colouradvice is formost a feeling, but also  how the light comes into a space. Or maybe the layout of a space in not optimal?


Would you like to remodel a space or your entire house, but no idea where to start? We know exactely what you need. This way we can manage your remodeling from beginning to end. If needed we can do this with help from our extended network of plumbers, electricians etc etc.


With productphotography you want to give certain elements more, or less  attention. Good styling is essential here. Our knowledge and experience, together with your product will result in beautiful pictures.