TESS step

DSN X Woodchuck

The inspiration for the design of this stool came from an old nostalgic step that looked beautiful but was dangerous to use; it tended to fall over easily. In 2009, Design Studio Nu launched Stool Tess: a safe, stable and sturdy stool with many uses. A perfect example where functionality and design go hand in hand. In 2019 they asked us to help them to relaunch the step, together we renewed the design. The result is a very steady handmade stool, stamped and made from FSC certified Russian birch plywood.

TESS step is the perfect step that every home needs. Use it as a step, as a small side table or as a chair for a child. The round handle makes it easy to pick up and move the stool. This piece of furniture is not heavy, so even children can easily do this.

Size: 43x 21,5x 21,5 cm

made from untreated FSC certified Russian birch plywood.


When you treat your  product with the Osmo treatment set you keep the natural look of the wood, while protecting it from stains.

The treatment set contains:

  • 125ml of Osmo 3062
  • 125ml of Osmo 3041
  • 2 stirring sticks
  • 1 set of biodegradable gloves
  • 2 paint roller brushes
  • sanding paper
  • manual

With this set you can treat 3 square meters of wood.

You can find this set in our webshop, here.