TAKSA is a selection of shapes that can be used by kids to explore and play with the wonders of nature! Children can simply attach found objects in nature (such as twigs, leaves and flowers) to TAKSA to create their own little creatures! Their imagination will be triggered by found elements of nature, that will make them go out to observe every tiny detail of the environment surrounding them.

This is a product made by Taksa, who believe that creativity along with real world experiences are an essential part in making a child grow into a well-rounded individual. Even if sometimes hands will get dirty!

TAKSA is recommended for children over 3 years old.
It is made from natural rubberwood sawdust which is an eco-friendly material and coloured with organic pigments.

TAKSA comes as a set of 5 and is packed in two organic cotton bags.

The set consists of 5 shapes in 3 different colors naturel grey and brown. The composition of shapes and colors can sometimes be different.

Approximate dimensions in cm:
smallest: 8 x 4
largest: 10 x 7