NYOKO, set of two vases.

Vase 1 is handmade from mahogany. It is grown in plantations and is not a native species in the Philippines. The planting, harvesting and processing of the trees is regulated by the government by means of certifications. The wood has a reddish-brown colour with a fine grain and easy to process. It turns slightly darker when exposed to light. It is recommended from time to time to polish it with oil using a cloth.

Vase 2 is handcrafted from sustainably sourced acacia wood and treated with a food safe varnish. It is produced by a small-scale family business in the Philippines. The company is well organized and strives to create a healthy, creative and enjoyable working environment for its employees, who all earn a decent, fair wage.

Vase 1: 19×11 cm
Vase 2: 15×8 cm