Minako, advent pre-order

Very limited stock

With our MINAKO calendar you will create a new tradition in your home.  

Where lighting a candle every night before bedtime and hanging a new memory on the tree creates fond memories of years to come and together with your child you can reminisce about the beautiful times of the years before.

The last day of the advent, you can put the top ornament on the tree and the tree wil be fully decorated by you and yours.

After Christmas the tree can be easily disassembled together with the other Christmas decorations and memories to be used again next year.

Build a new tradition together with our advent calendar for years to come.

Designed and handcrafted by Josefine and Tinta.

Height of the tree is about 40 cm 

Easy assembly with only one screw


the little presents on the picture can be a little bit different this time, but we promise to choose every piece with care.

2 beeswax candles
Candle holder
Top ornament
23 pieces of decorations made from natural materials
Various small organic linen and cotton bags.

24 cards with questions


we ship end of October