LUKKI stoneware, handmade
Matt white speckled.


Beautiful, handmade and functional ceramic set, made by Magriet Kramer @lukkiliceramics
Designed and made exclusively for Woodchuck in a very small quantity.

Because of the simple form and texture and the initials clearly visibly stamped, the LUKKI stoneware vase set gets its own Japanese modern rustic look!

Handmade wooden tray and spoon included.

You can use the set for your oil and salt or as a little vase, for your YORI.
Both fit in our YORI shelf.

Size vase 14 cm
Cilinder 11 cm
Wooden plate  20cm x 10cm x 2,5cm
Spoon 19 cm

Sizes may vary a little, because you never know how it comes out of the kiln!

Dishwasher safe but handwash recommended