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KEIKO set.

(collaboration )

Winter in Holland X Woodchuck


Winter in Holland

Winter in Holland is a slow-fashion textile brand conceived and established in Amsterdam by Anouk van der Laan.

For us creating fabrics is all about form and function. Focusing on both knitting and weaving allows us to choose the optimal combination between the aesthetics and the purpose of a product. Intrigued by the marriage between man and machine we continuously experiment and search for new and existing techniques and quality. We are eager to find new solutions and come up with unexpected patterns and detailing.

Our ideas travel from our studio to a small workplace a few blocks away. Here we work together with a group of dedicated women. For them Winter in Holland meant a fresh start. All the products that are made within this community of woman are marked with the ‘socially made in Amsterdam’ label. We are proud to say that we are part of Amsterdam and Amsterdam is part of us.

In addition, we collaborate with niche knitters and weavers in Sibiu (Romania) and London (Great Britain). They are passionate about craftsmanship. We teach them our new techniques and they provide us with new insights and feed our inspiration. They produce our items with passion and they focus on details – just like we do.

Winter in Holland is all about craftsmanship, quality and durable aesthetics – if treated with love our products will last a lifetime.

Winter in Holland used pure cotton yarns to take advantage of the natural characteristic of the fiber: to absorb water.

This set includes two cotton kitchen towels made by the beautiful Dutch brand Winter in Holland and one handmade wooden plate/cuttingboard made by us.

These towels are produced to be used and made to function.

Knitted of 100% cotton

color towels : light grey and nutmeg and knitted of 100% cotton

Plate/Cuttingboard :made from beechwood and treaded with organic foodsafe oil.

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