SHIZU, playstand

All SHIZU’s are handmade and stamped, made out of FSC-certified Russian birch plywood and come untreated. This simple clean piece of furniture is easy to assemble with the included manual.
We advise you to treat your SHIZU with hardwax oil (Osmo 3041) or a paint based on water, to protect it against stains and discoloration. This way it will keep it’s natural look.

SHIZU can be connected with a second SHIZU so a “house” can be created as shown in the picture.
(Please notice the price is for 1 SHIZU only)

There are numerous ways to use SHIZU. It can be used for instance as a shop, desk, kitchen or just a a snug place for your little one or to store your child’s creations.

SHIZU will be sent to you as a flat package and is easy to assemble by screwing in a couple of screws, which are included.

Approximate dimensions in centimeters: L99,5 x B35 x H97 cm
Hight including arms and rods 131 cm
Hight of bottom shelf 38 cm

(Cloth and toys are not included)