BURASHI brush set

A beautiful set of brushes, handmade by Redecker.

This brush set contains the following:

  • Scrub brush
    • oiled beechwood
    • union fibre
    • Size: 21 cm
  • Dish brush

    • untreated beechwood
    • light coconut fibre
    • Size: 28 cm
  • Wash bassin brush set
    • Overflow brush: A specially designed brush to clean in and around the sink overflow area. Features natural bristles, a flexible spine for extra manoeuvrability and a beech wood handle.
    • Plughole brush: A natural bristled brush with wooden handle that fits perfectly into the plug hole for the easy removal of dirt and grime.
    • Hair removing plughole brush: With it‘s long flexible handle and short rigid bristles, this brush is the perfect tool for getting through the plughole and removing those hard to reach trapped hairs.

This set is part of our Woodchuck cleaning set.