BUE BRUSH single bend

Handmade by Poppy Lawman

Material: Steambent Oak, Beeswaxed Linen, & Coconut Fibers.

The Bue series are part sculpture and part utilitarian, made to be enjoyed in and out of use; dancing the line of art and design for a slower, more connective way of living. Sculptural flowing, fluid forms of raw oak bend and fold through the technique of traditional steam bending, connecting us to a time old handcraft. Where once heated, the wood is malleable and supple ready to be formed by hand and take on shape. The Bue brush series are a collection of table and dust brushes.

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Single Bend Original

Use: Sculpture/Crumb Brush

L: 17cm
W: 3cm (width of bristles) 1.3cm (width of oak)
H: 14.5cm

Single Bend Large

Use: Sculpture/Dustpan Brush

L: 21cm
W: 4cm (width of bristles) 2cm (width of oak)
H: 14.5cm