AKI storage box.

The AKI storage box fits perfectly under your birch AKI.

All boxes are handmade and stamped, made out of FSC-certified Russian birch plywood and come untreated.
We advise you to treat the box with hardwax oil, or a paint based on water, to protect it against stains and discoloration. This way it will keep it’s natural look.

This is only the storage box, the AKI table/stool is not included.

Length bottom 51 cm
Length top 42 cm
Depth 28 cm
Hight front 26 cm
Hight back 19,5 cm

When you treat your Woodchuck products with the Osmo treatment set you keep the natural look of the wood, while protecting it from stains.

The treatment set contains:

  • 125ml of Osmo 3062
  • 125ml of Osmo 3041
  • 2 stirring sticks
  • 1 set of biodegradable gloves
  • 2 paint roller brushes
  • sanding paper
  • manual

With this set you can treat 3 square meters of wood.